Emmy Awards 2012

October 16, 2012

It hasn’t quite sunk in myself but yes, this year I was nominated at the 2012 Emmy Awards which take place in LA, for the title sequence to the HBO/Cinemax show Strikeback. I worked on the title sequence for Strikeback with the lovely people at Momoco who were also nominated for their title sequence for the BBC 1 show Great Expectations, which I had also worked on (but unfortunally not nominated for).


The whole trip was very surreal and the awards ceremony was amazing, but I was up against some very stiff competition, and alas it wasn’t meant to be as Great Expectations won the award for best title sequence. So unofficially I did win as I had worked on it, but it was a privileged just to be nominated and invited and we made full use of the free bar at the after party…



New Website and Showreel

October 16, 2012

Hey Hey Hey

I’m back with a massive update! I have completed my new website with all brand spanking new work for your eyes as well as a new showreel for your viewing pleasure 

head over to www.joelea.tv to check it out!!!


Joe Lea Showreel Autumn 2012

October 16, 2012

Vote for me…..

April 3, 2011

Its all been go here at JLtv HQ the last few months. I have been busy working over at Momoco working on films and title sequences which I will give you all a update about in a few weeks time. But in the mean time head over to not one but TWO of my designs I recently created for some competitions.

The first one is a design for a T-shirt that will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the band Queen. I had to enter this competition as Queen are one of the biggest band ever to be conceived and I spent much of my childhood listening and watching there music videos. My idea for the t-shirt was to try and include as many iconic imagery from Queen’s single and album covers as they have some very striking covers over the years with my favourite being Fat Bottomed Girls.

Head here to vote for it

The second competition is for Dont Panic and the Lovebox Festival to remix this years poster which would then be circulated for promotion and included in upcoming issues of Dont Panic magazine. My idea for this was to rift on the already existing logo for the Friday show which is called ‘Bang the Box’, and from that I created a Q*bert inspired pattern which everything in the poster revolves around.

Head here to vote for it (though you may need to sign up to do so…..)

So there you go, until next time keep it easy….

Megacities on the Move

February 13, 2011

These are four short films I recently produce at Grain Media for the charity Forum for the Future. Each film focuses on a different future where certain economic and environmental have changed the way we travel. I was brought in as lead Animator and Illustrator and had three weeks to complete the four films.

To find out more about the charity and the films head to

Illustrations by Joe Lea & Windy Van Druten
Animation by Joe Lea
Voice by Claire Wyatt
Music and Sound Design by Patrick Jonsson
Produced by Grain Media


February 13, 2011

A little project I did alongside Rebecca van Ommen over at Paperboat Creative for Barradoro to promote there VIP parties.

Editing and Animation by yours truly

New business cards

August 8, 2010

Recently I have ordered some new business cards and stickers to try and promote myself a bit more around London. Today I actually got around to taking some pics of my new cards. I ordered them from Moo.com which is a awesome site for getting cards from as you can upload a load of images (up to 50) to have on your business card so that nearly every single one you give out is unique. Check out the images below and look out for some badges soon……

Andrew Maxwell DVD Style Boards

July 28, 2010

Here are some style boards I created recently for a pitch to create the opening sequence/title for Andrew Maxwells new DVD coming out for the christmas rush. This was done for BananaSplit Productions and unfortunately they have decided to go in another direction which is a shame because if I do say so myself I think these look pretty awesome……..

Black Swan by Guy Harlap

July 8, 2010

Interesting abstract video from Guy Harlap for Thom Yorke’s Black Swan

All animated in flash using the straight ahead animation technique where you don’t key frame you just keep animating every frame as it comes along. Very nicely executed, makes me want to go back to the drawing board and grab a random tune to animate to……


June 9, 2010

I have just recently uploaded some work from last year that I did with the good folks over at Atticus Finch for Skype. This project was completed in July and the project was for a new micro site that Skype were launching in which you would choose a avatar that reflected your mood and then place that avatar on a world map showing your location and allow to see what other Skype users were up to.

I was brought in to animate all the expressions of these avatars from happy to silly and from angry to sneaky. I was also designed and animated a number of creatures and events that were dotted around the Skype world map. This was the trickier part of the job as everything I designed had to stay within Skype’s company brand guides but apart from that I was given free range of what I could create.